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The organ that presides over the Iturbi Hall, the great Grenzing organ, is an instrument that, according to experts, has a magnificent quality, an outstanding richness of timbres and a perfect acoustic for the Iturbi Hall. It is a spectacular organ, seven meters wide, ten meters high, three meters deep and weighing more than 20 tons.

It includes four manual keyboards, a pedal, mechanical transmission, more than fifty registers and 2869 pipes! In Spain there are only eight organs with four keyboards and three completely mechanical ones.

Grenzing has made more than 170 instruments for institutions in Germany, America, Belgium, Korea, France, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland and cities such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia. It is used in symphonic concerts that require this instrument and in the Organ at the Palau series, a meeting on Saturdays for the best local, national and international organists. These concerts are accompanied by a screen for the audience to contemplate how the organist plays and highlight the spectacular nature of the instrument.