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We celebrate 80 years of the Orquesta de València in 2022-2023 and such a long life certainly deserves to be celebrated. In this anniversary of our Orchestra 1943-2023 there is a will to tell stories, to vindicate the capacity to transmit so many things live and to narrate stories. The greatest exponent of that narrative will be Scheherezade, symbol of the emancipation of women from intelligence against brute force. We tend three "Scheherezades”  in the Season: Rimski-Korsakov's, Ravel's and the most modern, composed by John Adams and played on the violin by Leila Josefowicz.  




Sergey Khachatryan is one of the most beloved violinists in Valencia since he made his debut here almost 10 years ago. Khachatryan won the First Prize at the VIII International Jean Sibelius Competition in Helsinki in December 2000, becoming the youngest winner in the history of this competition. Now, not yet 40 years old, he is one of the great international stars and his special relationship with Valencia has led him to accept to be our artist-in-residence in 2022-2023. He will play Kachaturian, whose music Sergey himself emphasizes that "it contains the story of the tragedy of our people".